Services: Interior Design

office design corporate interior designer and LEED architects in nyc gran kriegel

Gran Kriegel has designed offices, schools, and supportive housing with lucid aesthetics and practicality.

Our office interiors infuse workspace designs with key elements of business identity and branding while tailoring the space for a company’s unique corporate culture and functional needs. We’ve worked with offices both large and small, and currently are designing Quislex’s 23,000 s.f. New York City headquarters.

Likewise, our school designs are created with each institution’s unique student body in mind and an understanding that campuses need both flexible and functional spaces that can withstand heavy use for years to come.  Our design for Manhattan STAR Academy, a special needs school for students on the autism spectrum, project was made specifically to address the special needs of the school’s student body. Our architects worked closely with the school’s teachers and employed existing research on the students’ capabilities and response to environmental stimulants. The resulting design incorporates calming color schemes, tactile finishes, and diffused lighting to help students focus throughout the day.

Building and operating supportive and affordable housing means cost constraints. Our decades of experience with the multi-unit housing designs means we are well versed in options for cost-effective materials and methods that won’t compromise on a residence’s overall look or comfort for tenants. We’ve designed tailor-made SROs and supportive residences with dining facilities, counseling, healthcare, social services, and administrative space.

Additionally, our interior design projects incorporate sustainability and energy-saving best practices and have met LEED Gold, Enterprise Green Communities, and Green Schools Guide code requirements.