Architecture for the Public Good


Over the decades we’ve cultivated a well-deserved reputation as architects with a keen focus on the public good.

To that end, our work often supports projects conducted by non-profit organizations and public agencies working to better the lives of children and adults, from supportive housing projects that help homeless individuals, and those suffering from drug or mental health problems, to our longstanding work with the New York public school system, as well as charter schools and private independent schools, especially those that seek to add a level of social engagement or support children with developmental disabilities or on the autism spectrum, with special needs that must be taken into consideration.

We welcome inquiries from not-for-profit organizations and public agencies in need of architectural, planning, and design services, and remain eager to continue providing award winning A&E services  for organizations and individuals whose efforts focus on doing good and creating safe, functional, and beautiful spaces for those who need them most.