Fort Wadsworth Renovations and Code Compliance

  • military base renovation design and code compliance project by Gran Kriegel Architects
  • military housing AE and code compliance project by Gran Kriegel Architects
  • defense industry architecture design projects by Gran Kriegel Architects in NY
  • demolition design AE project for military base by Gran Kriegel Architects

Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island was first occupied for defense in 1663 and closed for U.S. Navy use in 1995. Coast Guard Sector New York took occupancy, and Gran Kriegel has undertaken many task orders on the site, including:

  • Code Compliance and Occupancy Study
  • HVAC / BMS systems study in Bldgs 212, 215, 216
  • Demolition of Bldg 215 wings E and F, and resulting mechanical modifications
  • HVAC diagnosis and repair
  • Vessel Traffic Control replacement of HVAC systems, code compliance work, architectural changes for FM-200 fire protection system.


Client: United States Coast Guard / Department of Homeland Security
Location: Staten Island, NY

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