• Corporate Offices
    Our interior design and renovation services have led to the production of beautiful and functional office spaces, including this LEED Gold renovation for the Dagher Engineering offices. Learn more.
  • School Design
    Our school designs are tailor-made to support each campus's unique student body while embracing the need for flexibility and functionality that can withstand heavy use for years to come. Learn more.
  • Public Agency Work
    Our team is well versed in adapting to the exacting internal standards and processes of government agencies. We have performed all manner of A/E work on many term contracts with local, state, and federal agencies. Learn more.
  • Supportive & Affordable Housing
    Our architects boast decades of experience designing supportive and affordable housing and are very familiar with options for cost-effective materials and methods that won’t compromise on aesthetics or comfort for tenants. We’ve built and renovated many SROs and supportive residences with dining facilities, healthcare, social services, and administrative space. Learn more.

Gran Kriegel Architecture

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